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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first Taeyang...

Taeyang Steampunk Gyro was my first Taeyang doll.I bought some time ago and today I finally decided to debox him. He has been given a name as Damien Endimion.

Brand new in box. I was so excited to debox him =D

 Original packing is always nice
 Everything was in neat position

 He got his lucky number: 1923
 His eyes was unique with dark orange and black color

 I debox him carefully...
 Here how he looks like after taken out from box
 He is super cool!!
 His outfit was awesome  ^^,
 A very details design
 Perfect boots
 He has a very long hair tail at the back

 He came with a kind of cowboy hat
 But the hat has a bit of defect on it =(
 A minor surface has been torn off T_T
 There is some accessories attached at the belt behind

 This is how he look with his cowboy hat

You may see his hair is black & white but actually it's black & grey =)

 His eyes accessories. Sorry i don't know what is this things called :P
 It has a minor defect too which the plastic has a scar on it =(

 The scrath not that obvious if look from far

 The design was really unique all I can said =)

 He carry a hand gun with him

 This is how he looks in full accessories

I definately love him very very much!! =D


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