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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tutorial: How to remove Blythe original hair & Repaint the Blythe scalp

It is not that hard to remove the blythe hair and repaint the blythe scalp. Average custom commission to remove the hair cost USD 30- USD 35. So, you save money if you can do it yourself.

What you need:

1. Tweezer or Crochet.
2. Acrylic paint. (suitable colour for the new hair colour)
3. Nail remover. (any brand)
4. Scissor.
5. Cotton pad.
6. Masking tape.

Step 1: By using the scissor, cut off the original blythe hair as shortest as possible.

 Step 2: By using the tweezer or crochet, gently pull out the hair inwards of the scalp.

 Tips: Preferable to flip the scalp inside out so that you can easily remove the hair.

 This is how it look from the inside after you done.

 Step 3: Gently flip back the scalp. Wash the scalp with clean water and soap. Make sure no more hair stick on the scalp.

 Step 4: Using the cotton pad and the nail remover, gently remove the scalp.

 Step 5: Clean the scalp one again with clean water and soap. Make sure it is completely clean.

 Step 6: Use the masking tape to tape around the edge of the scalp. Sorry, my masking tape is out of stock. So i'm using the cellophane tape for instead. But not too recommended to use this.

Step 7: Choose the best and closest colour to your new hair. For acrylic paint, i'm using the Plaid Apple Barrel brand (red hot glossy).

 Step 8: Paint 2 layers. Allow minimum 1 hour dry time for at least.

Step 9: Remove the masking tape only after the scalp completely dry. Preferably the scalp to stay overnight before you start your reroot job. 
And now you save your USD 35. Good Luck :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

 Talking about BJD... What do peoples know about the BJD? BJD means ball jointed doll. For me, it's kind of dolls which look more alike human. Once awhile i will go through some website and try to look for some BJD. I think to get one of them but it might be maybe few years later? Because of the pricing. BJD is very expensive. I used to own a yellow lati doll. That should have considered as a bjd but it was too small for me and so all the time i just keep it inside my wardrobe.

There is one day i go through this website http://dollfairyland.com I'm quite impressed with the doll they had. When i saw this doll: 

She is Feeple65 Chloe Elf Full Package. I just love everything of her. Her faceup, her body proportion and her outfit was just incredible awesome. But unfortunately her full package has sold out and the price is not cheap for me :(


Until few days ago.........

I go through the website again and i found this:

MiniFee Celine Full Package (Morning Glory) - Limited Edition 68 sets

She is too cute when the first time i saw her pics! Especially her little tooth. I love doll with tooth :)
After few days of consideration, i decided to get her as my 1st BJD. Can't wait for her arrival! :D
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*****My FB Fanpage*****

Dear all, my FB fan page is finally up! Welcome to follow my page at the link below :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Custom Blythe #8 - Bella

It has been a while i stop custom since my previous project Beatrix. And here, this is the first time i attempt for my ghost series doll. I start it with the Vampire version.

To carve a vampire lips is not that easy as what i expected. But however, it turned up with the result i'm quite satisfied :)

And this is the custom eye chips for her.

I added glittery powder for her eye lids.

 This is how the teeth looks like. I added glossy for the lips.

Hand painted eye chips

Coolcat eye chip - purple.

Hand painted eye chips.

The story of Bella