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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sailor Moon Star Locket Music Box

When i was a kid, i love Sailor Moon a lot. This is one my my best best anime ever. I did collect few Sailor Moon stuff but not all. Myself have variety of collections. Hence, i couldn't afford to collect everything. So some may need to be let go. But when i first came across this music box, i am truly obsessed. I did came across few other version too but the music wind quite fast. But this is what i found most similiar to the original music as in the Sailor Moon anime.

 This is how the box look like.

 The Moon Locket came with a silver chain

When you open the lid, the music play automatically from the beginning

Moon Locket in the Sailor Moon anime


Don't expect the quality is superb good as the Bandai Star Locket Version. My personally think this is a China production. And because the production is low, the price is quite costly for me. The music box made of plastic material with a/c operate. A cable came with this product. But so sad is when i got mine, it cannot be charge at all :( It supposed to show that the locket is charging but it's not. So i have return the item to the seller and waiting him to send me back a new one. No point of paying few hundred and at the end the item is spoiled right?

I think the music has been recorded into this locket. When the lid open, the music play. What i like about this locket is the screen. There is a lcd screen showing the moon and the star. This is another similarity with the one in the anime.

Overall, i think if the product quality can be improve, i think it will be a very great product. Since he price is not cheap. But for collector like me, i think i'm okay to pay for it as long as i love the item.

And oh ya. I do actually pre-order the Bandai version of the Star Locket too. I have been waiting for almost one month. Hopefully i can get it by next month.