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Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Custom Blythe #3 - Cherry

It has been a while for me to back on stage again. Don't have much idea yet but will try something new.

She is a brand new doll .

 Completely sealed.

Too bad she got some yellow stains on her shirt.  This is the disadvantage for white clothes :(

 RBL mold is super hard to open. I took almost an hour to open the head because the clip at the ears is just super duper tight.

 Luckily there is no stain on her body.

 There is some imperfection at her right eyes. Her eye socket was not smooth.

 Phewwww...finally she has been successfully dissamble.

No problem with her eye mech. Very beautiful :)

 After sanding her face.

 Enlarge her eyes socket.

 Carving lips. This is the most interesting part. I love carving <3

 Carved philtrum and modified lips to smaller than her original.

 Nostril has been added too.

 Sanding need a lot of time and patient. And this is the final result.

Tested with eyes on. Eye socket is big enough. Won't go for boggle eyes or gaze correction.

 She sprayed with MSC Flat and added freckles.

 Eyelids were painted using pastel. I gave her orange and yellow pastel make up. And new eyelashes.

 Her full make up. I definately love it. She looks sweet and young with this color :D

 Right eye chips - yellow and green.

 Front eye chips - orange with gold dust.

Right eye chips - original pink with foil paper.

 Front eye chips - Custom.

 She can do sleeping eyes.

 I give her hair to be different color. So i dye it to be pink peach. Quite striking type :)

 I'm bored with straight her. I give her curly perm.

 And so, this is the final result :D

I painted her shoes to pink color to match her oufit.

Monday, September 5, 2011


It has been long time since my last post here. Have been busy recently with something else. I'm planning to custom a Blythe soon. But I need more inspiration. Will try to post more pictures soon :)