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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dollhouse: My custom bed rack

I've took 2 days to finished up my bed rack. I always want to make a study table with a lot of rack to put all the books and comic. And the study table shouldn't be too big so that I can fit the bed too. After some inspiration from Ikea, I finally made up my mind to make a bed rack.

All material I'm using is by made by cardboard. Every panel i double it up and painted with acrylic paint.
 The drawer can be opened.
 View from the top. I wish to have some cartoon bed sheet but I just couldn't find the fabric.
 Side view. The bed is 1/6 scale.
 I will try to get a red or white chair. The yellow seemed to be not match.
 Testing for the book's height. It fit perfectly. I can put some decor too.
 I add a plastic sheet on the table top to make it look like a glass top.
 Bed frame was too plain. So I stick it with some decor.
 Ladder has been added and it's removable.

 Drawer can be opened.

 My Xiao Fan love her bed sooo much!

 The bed is perfectly fit her.
 She is so sweet =)

 The stationery I'm using the Re-ment set. Very lucky found this. But only 8 boxes inside =(
 This is the reason why i love Re-ment. Everything was so details!
 Hmm..the chair seemed to be a bit short. Or is it Xiao Fan too high after changed to Obitsu body?

The drawer fulled of re-ment stationery.
 The table is still to plain. Maybe I should add another rack at right or put some pictures.

 This is the final decor for the bed =)


  1. very detail..feel like make 1 of this=s...

    maybe u can try modelling house...lol..u so geng..

  2. haha..thanks for your compliment =) U can try too. It's not that hard actually =D

  3. oh goodness, I absolutely love this!!!!