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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Lovely Dal - Boa Hancock

My 1st custom Dal photo session =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tutorial: Changing Dal Original Body to Obitsu Body

For changing Dal doll body, I'm choosing the Obitsu hard body 23cm white skin.

This is the Obitsu body i choose. It came with extra hands. Even though it is white body, but the color seemed to be more to flesh color.

I'm gonna change my Boa body. Her stock one is super floppy @@"

Stock body color VS Obitsu 23cm white hard body.

Remove the 3 screws at the back of the head.

Dal stock body VS Obitsu body.

Unscrew the neck "part" from the Obitsu body.

Gently pull it out.

The body should be came with this "part". Look for the biggest part as where my arrow pointed.

Now is the sawing session. Saw it half. Becareful of your hands because the "part" is quite slippery.

Then you need to saw the neck stick below. Saw about 0.7mm off.

This is the result after you saw it.

Tie up with transparent rubber band.

Leave some space at the top there so that the "part" can be slot in.

Push in the "part" that you saw just now.

Screw it back.

Apply one more rubber band so that the head wont be loose later.

Screw back everything and here it goes =)
Please leave me a comment if you have any queries. Good luck ^^,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Changing Pullip Wig

Changing Pullip doll wig is very easy. It only took less than 5 mins. Here is some easy tutorial =)

Pullip EOS original wig is quite messy. So I'm gonna change her wig to Leeke wig.
 Turn her to see her back head. Pull the wig up.
 By using a 3mm flat screwdriver, push gently into ring of the wig cap.
 Now you can see the first hole.
 Gently press up by using the same screwdriver.
 Keep repeat the same and gently peel off the wig.
 After you've done the back part, start to use the same technique at the side.
 Gently remove the wig like how you peel an orange skin. Don't worry of hurting the wig. It should be very easy to take off.
 And here it done ^^,
 There'll be some remaining of hairs stick on the head. Try to use the tape to tape it out or you can just  pluck it using your fingers.

 And now you can put whatever wigs you like =D

Custom Dal~Boa Hancock

My Dal make up is quite hard to match her white wig. So I decided to change her make up into more natural and I wish to give her a smiling face. This is my 1st time I attempt to custom Dal. I hope the result not bad =)

This is her original look
 Her original make up. I don't really like her blue brow. It's hard to match with bright wig.
 I opened her head carefully.
 Start sanding her lips first.
 I'm bored about Dal angry emotion. So I'm gonna give her a smiling face.
 After carved her lips, I modified her lips to be smaller.
 This is the result. She at least looks smiling.
 And i continue sand all the make up except the eyelids. I wanna remain the pink eyeshadows.
 I'm using pastel color to the make up.
 I apply pink eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lips too. Eyebrow i give her natural brow color.
 I apply more pink at the lips part. I add some extra eye liners too.
 After done make up, I sealed with MSC and try her on blue eyes. Lips is sealed with gloss finished.
 Now she got a white wig with white lashes too ^^,

 This is her final look ^^,