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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deboxing my Pullip Steampunk EOS

Yesterday I've debox my Pullip EOS once again. I used to debox her once but I've put her back into her box because her Gyro haven't reach me that time.And now I've my Gyro and it's time to display her =D

 I was lucky enough to get her below 1000k ^^,
 Her original hair was abit messy. Its a good idea to change her stock wig.
 Her make up is quit similiar to the Ninja series Dec 2010 release.
 This is all her accessories. Quite alot =D
 Her shirt is very fragile and thin.
 Her boot is very unique.
 Her google.
 Her original wig is super long. Her hair has been tied, folded and covered with a think net.
 Her ornament include of her hand launcher and a kind of stick or staff.

 Her close up.
 EOS was the 1st Pullip designed came out with wings. Her wings was unique and very fragile too =X
 This is how she look in her full accessories.

She was given name as Moon. My meaning of EOS for her is (Eternal Of Serenity)


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