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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dolls Arrival!

Received some dolls yesterday that we order from Pullipstyle. Big parcel!

Pullip Blance 
She is far more pretty than how she shown in the official site. Love her very much!

Pullip Celsiy
She looks great in her casual outfit. All this while i thought that she has an opened mouth but until today I realised that her opened mouth in actually drew on it. But she looks really real!

Pullip Kirsche
Her make up looked not that heavy in her real. I love her outfit and she has more extra accessories.

The three dolls above is belong to my frens. And now it goes my doll.

Pullip Xiao Fan
Love her natural make up and easy to make with any clothes.

Maybe I'm unlucky. She has some minor defects. Her gap between head is not that nice and her eyes cannot close properly. This one I need to fix myself =(

Total 4 dolls altogether =D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blythe 9th Anniversary Doll - Marabelle Melody

I'm super happy to hear from my mum that she sign up for a parcel today. Thinking that whether is was my Blythe or my Pullip arrival. Quickly rush home and it was my Blythe!! Super fast shipping! It oly took 3 days from Japan to arrive Malaysia!
Box is bigger than normal Blythe box. Bottom of the box was open for Custom Inspection =(

Proof of EMS delivery and tracking number

This is the Takara Tomy box inside the big box just now

Wrap with plastic bag. Her original box was a hexagon.

She is super lovely!

I carefully opened up the box and snap a closer look.

The plastic cover was embossed with blink blink stars.

Back view of the box. There is another set of outfit as you can see through the hole.

There is one book inside the box I'm not sure what is the book. Don't dare to peek it =X

This is the original certificate.

My lucky number!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Wishing List 2010

My upcoming wishing list. Really wish to get them. And I'll see how long i took to achieve my goal :P

1) Pullip Fanatica - Year 2005 (Cancelled)

The reason why i want her is because of her overall. From top to bottom - outfit, make up, gothic look and she is smiling! She is not a limited edition doll but due to she is famous and stop production, her price is quite high now. All above MYR 1k!!

2) Pullip Xiao Fan - Year 2008  (Wish Granted!!)

Since I put back my EOS into her original box, I don't have any new Pullip to play and for display. So far, Xiao Fan has the best make up i seen after Fanatica and Shinku and most budget to play with.
My personally not really like her outfit. But her make up and hair is great!

3) Blythe Le Jardin (Wish Granted!!)

1) Blythe Midnight Spell

My Doll Collections

Blythe Can Can Cat [SOLD]

Adopted on year 2008. Sold on 2009 (after custom)

Blythe Kimono Vogue [SOLD]

Adopted on: 9th July 2009. Sold on 19 Sept 2010

Blythe Prima Dolly Violetina [SOLD]

Adopted on: 19th Jan 2010. Sold on 21st July 2010 (after custom)

Blythe Friendly Freckles

Adopted on: 3rd February 2010

Dal Ciel Robin Collaboration

Adopted on: 21st March 2010

Blythe Simply Mango and Guava

Adopted on: 19th April 2010

Blythe Dear Lele Girl LE  4000

Adopted on: 6th May 2010

Pullip Steampunk EOS LE 2000

Adopted on: 24th June 2010 (Lucky no: 0675)

Taeyang Steampunk Gyro LE 2000

Adopted on: 1st Sept 2010 (lucky no: 1923)

Mini Pullip Queen Of Hearts

Adopted on: 1st Sept 2010

Blythe Nicky Lad

Adopted on: 2nd Sept 2010

Blythe Marabelle Melody 2010 Anniversary Doll

Adopted on: 15th Sept 2010 

Pullip Xiao Fan

Adopted on 17th Sept 2010

Mini Dal Aries  [SOLD]

Adopted on October 2010

Blythe Ice Rune

 Adopted on: 18th Oct 2010

Dal Dotori

Adopted on 29 Oct 2010
Byul Lunatic Humpty Dumpty

Adopted on 30 Oct 2010
Pullip Lunatic Queen

 Adopted on 13th Nov 2010

Pullip Innocent World Tiphona

Adopted on 19th Nov 2010 

Blythe Le Jardin Maman LE 3000 2009

Adopted on: 20th November 2010  

Blythe Very Vicky

Adopted on: 20th December 2010 

Dal Risa Rock Collaboration Risa Hirako
Adopted on: 20th December 2010 

Tony Tony Chopper Stuffed Collectible
Adopted on: 7th January 2011

Yellow Lati HK Bloody Moon Vampire Lea LE

Adopted on: 18th January 2011

Pullip Gothic Lolita Yuki Red Eyes LE300

Adopted on: 19th July 2011