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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Custom Dal~Boa Hancock

My Dal make up is quite hard to match her white wig. So I decided to change her make up into more natural and I wish to give her a smiling face. This is my 1st time I attempt to custom Dal. I hope the result not bad =)

This is her original look
 Her original make up. I don't really like her blue brow. It's hard to match with bright wig.
 I opened her head carefully.
 Start sanding her lips first.
 I'm bored about Dal angry emotion. So I'm gonna give her a smiling face.
 After carved her lips, I modified her lips to be smaller.
 This is the result. She at least looks smiling.
 And i continue sand all the make up except the eyelids. I wanna remain the pink eyeshadows.
 I'm using pastel color to the make up.
 I apply pink eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lips too. Eyebrow i give her natural brow color.
 I apply more pink at the lips part. I add some extra eye liners too.
 After done make up, I sealed with MSC and try her on blue eyes. Lips is sealed with gloss finished.
 Now she got a white wig with white lashes too ^^,

 This is her final look ^^,

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