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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Custom Clone Blythe

Early morning after breakfast I started to try to carve my clone blythe which I've abandoned for quite long which I have enlarge her eyes socket earlier =S
Starting with sand matte her whole face. This took me for about 15-20mins. After all is cleared, I tried to attempt to draw my first doll eyebrow. Hmm seemed like its very easy as peanut =D
Then i started to carved her lips and philtrum. This process took me more than an hour to done. Carve and sand and carve and sand! And then I decided to add a mini dimple on her. But it seemed like not i want =.=" I'm still decided if i should carve her an extra eyelids or not.
Finally i end up with sand matte again. Well, this is how her look at the moment =)

And here it comes..1st stage of coloring. I want to make her look more natural like a little gal. And so i applied all natural colors with combination of peach, nude, pink and orange. And also i carved her an eyelids. I guess she'll look better after 2nd stage of coloring.

3rd stage of make up:

Testing before final:

Done (Ended with glossy lips)

Complete doll:
 (I'm lazy to change the outfit. So this is the temporary one =S with my dal wig haha)

Job done:

* Sand matte, enlarge eye holes, carved lips, eyelids and philtrum
* Modified mouth, add dimples
* New pastel make up, add eyebrow and lips gloss finished
* Sealed with Tamiya clear flat

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Petite Blythe

Yeahoo~ Finally i get my 1st petite blythe yesterday. The Sweet Scarlet Spell Version!! She is soooo cute!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Pre-Order List

1) Going Merry Plastic Model Kit (Adopted)
 I already have a Thousand Sunny with me but i don't have any Going Merry. Always dream to get it. The last time i saw it on ebay was almost USD 5xx. Couldn't get it because it was quite expensive for me that time. This model kit need to be assemble. Seemed like quite interesting hehe.

2) One Piece POP Sanji Strong World (Adopted on 24th Jan 2011)

3) One Piece POP New Dx - Luffy  (Adopted 28th Jan 2011)

4) One Piece Neo Dx - Ace D. Portugas  (Adopted 28th Jan 2011)

5) One Piece POP Perona Neo DX (cancelled because seller cannot give me stock! Grrr!!)
6) One Piece Den Den Mushi Measure - Bon Clay (Adopted 5/6/11)


7) One Piece Den Den Mushi Measure-Nico Robin(Adopted 5/6/11)

8) One Piece POP Neo Dx - Edward Newgate (Adopted 26/1/11)

9) One Piece POP Neo Dx - Bartholomew Kuma (Adopted 30th June 2011)
10) One Piece POP Boa Hancock Wedding Version (Adopted 12th Sept 2011)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dal Re-Wig N Change Eye Chips

While waiting for my for my wig and eye chips for my Boa, I finally decided to make a little custom on her. Since that Jonas has open his Dal and took off his wig and eye chips, so I want too!! :P

First time i tried to open the wig. I'm not sure if this is the correct way or not. But this is what i watch from youtube.

I'm using the art knife to cut around the wig. This is really scary parts as i accidentally cut off some of her hairs =(

This is how Boa's look after i remove her wig. Seemed that i don't really done my job well as 1st time. The hair net and some hairs is still stick with the strong glue on head.

I've no idea how to remove this. So i just leave it like this as the new wig will cover the entire head =S

Using a screw
driver, open 3 screws behind the head.    

This is how it look like inside. Remove 2 screw from the eye mechanism.

Try to use something thin that can reach the eye chips from the hole behind and push the eye chips out. It'll easily get remove.

I don't have any Pullip or Dal eye chips. So I tried to use my stock Blythe eye chips and sand it off for about 2mm.

I don't have any rough sand paper and so I'm using the grinder. It took me about 10 mins for each eye chips.

Left eyes is the one i sand off. If you're not sure about 2mm is how much, just try to sand off the outer ring pattern of the eye chips.

This is for optional only. If you want the eyes to look more bigger, try to draw a black ring around the eye chips.

     And here, she is done with her new eye chips! Cool huh? You can even add a laser paper inside =D

I've attached the new wig on her for temporary. This wig is taken from my CCE Blythe and it's fit!

The wig look really bad and messy. So i decide to trim and cut her hair to more punky look. Here is the new fashion. I guess she looks much better now =D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not Only Blythe!!!

                     If you think I only collect Blythe then you are Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
I bought my first Dal when i paid my deposit for my Blythe. Suddenly this Dal attracted me. I wanted to choose between Dal Tezca and Dal Ciel Robin. And finally i choose this one!

The reason why i choose her is because of her eyes! She has a very special eyes. And she is collaboration series from Anime Kuroshitsuji. Myself personally never watch this anime. But i love her costume very very much.

But there is still one problem that her original hair is very hard to manage. I prefer those silky straight wig =D

My first Dal I given her a name "Boa Hancock". Here she is...with her casual outfit!

One Is Not Enough!!

Before Lola is being customize, I've bought another 2 new Blythe which is Simply Mango and Guava. During my Taiwan trip, I've bought another Friendly Freckles. And the 4th Blythe i get was DearLele which is the limited edition. My Blythe collection so far:
                                        Four is still not enough! I want more and more!!! =D

My Custom Blythe - LoLa

Year 2009, I've bought another new Prima Dolly Violetina for custom purpose. 2nd times custom, 
 I'm quite happy with the result. I managed to carved out a little tooth. Here is some pictures of Lola.

                                              Lola is now at Italy with her new family =)

My First Blythe Doll - Can Can Cat

I get my first Blythe at year 2008. Supposed to get for my mama but at the end she ask me to keep it  =P. Blythe looked scary at my first sight but after i debox her, I've really fallen into her! =D

                                                                 Not that scary huh???

1 year after i keep her in her original box, I start to learn to custom. And she, which i given name as Revue, will be my first patient. I have no experience in custom doll at all. All the customization i only learn from youtube and internet.

But luckily at the end she turns out in quite not bad. I've turn her into a bride =) I'll try to find some pics of her and post up soon.Revue has been sold to Brasil at the same year.

Today's Lunch

I'm staying in the office again. With my favourite Japanese Bento i bought from Jusco. Look delicious huh. No doubt! It's Oishii~

Monday, August 9, 2010

Get starting..

I'm very happy to have my 1st blog ever. This will be a place for me to share my hobbies and my collections ^^,