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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CUTEROOM DIY Miniature Totoro Set

I decided to go for the 2nd set of the miniature kit. Originally there is 4 types. This time i choose the  Totoro set which it look easy from the picture.

Yea, everything look really easy as i do not need to assemble the house for at least.

 But to glue to plant around the house aint easy.

Everything is so tiny. And i seriously not sure what scale is this. 1/18? 1/20? I don't know.

Fence is a cut out from a thick paper.

The challenging part was sticking the plants. Because i'm using the UHU glue. Unless i go for the heat gun but i didn't.


The most "easy looking" set end up to be quite challenging one. But the outcome is really satisfied me. This miniature kit is too cute. Love it!

I tried out some new stuff lately. I have been observed this diy house or room for quite some time. And finally i bought one for myself.

The box look like this.

This is all the pieces inside. Everything need to be self assemble.

It came with ruler, scissors and strong glue. And a music box mechanism as well.

 It look quite easy but it's actually not. The pieces is too small; and you need to hold it with a tweezer (provided)

It took me about an hour to do to this stage.

It took me 3 nights to complete the whole set. This set came with a acrylic dome which one of the reason i bought it. It prevent my masterpiece from dust. Overall, it is a very fun stuff to do. All you need is patience, patience and a lot of patience XD