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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Custom Blythe #16 - Leia

Preview of LeiaHere come my custom no 16. She is a dark skin girl. I was worried that i can't get her the right make over. But i was wrong. Painting a dark skin blythe eemed to be much more easier than the fair skin.

As usual i bought a new doll for custom.

Okay. Here goes the shooting....

For this doll, her eyes can look down.

Custom work done:

- Completely new make up and sealed with MSC few layers.
- Boggled eyes and gaze correction.
- Custom eyeball look downward.
- New eyelashes and new pull charms.
- Custom sleeping eyes.
- 4 new hand painted eye chips by me.
- Carved lips, nostril and philtrum.
- Painted eyebrow and freckles.

I name her Leia because she does look like Leia. I'm not sure. What do ya think? :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cinderella Shoes - Part 1

Ever since i watched the Cinderella Movie, i was really obsessed. That's what every girl's dream! Who doesn't want to be in a fairy tale right? But what distract me the most in this movie is the glass slipper!

This is exactly how it look like in the movie.

Actual glass slipper made of swarovski crystal for the movie purpose.

Meanwhile... the actual one should be like in the disney animation.

Then is i start to google for the shoes. In the movie it was called as slipper. i don't know why. Somehow it was a shoes/heels for me. Okay..whatever.. Then i found out there there is too many Cinderella shoes been selling in the market. Of course aren't of them look like any one of the photo above. And even some of the famous designer recreate it.

 By: Jimmy Choo

By: Christian Laboutin

By: Stuart Weitzman

By: Nicholas Kirkwood

By: Charlotte Olympia

So which one do you prefer huh? I believe every one of the designer shoes above have its own characteristic.  All of them is pretty enough for me. But i'm sure i couldn't afford any of them.

And so.....finally..... i found this one from the Youtube. Yay!

I believe this is the most similiar diy cinderella shoes i could found.

And here is the video for the tutorial which you can follow.

After watching this video over and over, I have decided to made my own cinderella shoes for the tutorial given. I wish to thank to Abbe for her wonderful tutorial. It really help alot! :)

So first thing i need to do is to get a comfy heels gather and all the materials. I will continue this post at Part 2. Stay tune!