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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Changing Pullip Wig

Changing Pullip doll wig is very easy. It only took less than 5 mins. Here is some easy tutorial =)

Pullip EOS original wig is quite messy. So I'm gonna change her wig to Leeke wig.
 Turn her to see her back head. Pull the wig up.
 By using a 3mm flat screwdriver, push gently into ring of the wig cap.
 Now you can see the first hole.
 Gently press up by using the same screwdriver.
 Keep repeat the same and gently peel off the wig.
 After you've done the back part, start to use the same technique at the side.
 Gently remove the wig like how you peel an orange skin. Don't worry of hurting the wig. It should be very easy to take off.
 And here it done ^^,
 There'll be some remaining of hairs stick on the head. Try to use the tape to tape it out or you can just  pluck it using your fingers.

 And now you can put whatever wigs you like =D