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Friday, October 1, 2010

My Xiao Fan New Look!

My Xiao Fan supposed to be given name "Pa-Puru" because of her Purple hair with the direct translation in Japanese. But recently I've changed her wig into white color and now I'm still thinking of given her a nice name. Any suggestion? Here I shared some of her pics ^^,

She looks perfectly in white wig for me. And God bless I managed to fix her eyes. Need to modified her eyes mech. It tooks me 1 day to fix her. She has no problem now winking her eyes. I've add another 2 layers of eyelashes for her. But I guess it still not enough yet to cover the whole eye balls.
Please ask if you've queries about the eyes =D


  1. woooooow!!! She looks so pretty! That wig fits her perfectly!!

  2. Thanks you so much Asuka-Chan. I supposed to get her gold wig but it's out of color. I never thought that white wig could turn her so outstanding =D