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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dollhouse Scale 1/6

I always envy about people making dollhouse for their dolls. There is one day I decided up to make a dollhouse for my Blythe. I started up with an empty white bookshelf from Ikea. At first, I want to get something bigger with tempered glass door but that was above my budget. So I could only afford this.

I start up with the Bathroom first.
I bought the bathroom tub, mirror and towel hanger from Bratz furniture.

Mini wooden drawer got it from Daiso and Basin is from gift shop.

 Here is the shampoo and body shampoo from Bratz too. The rack and the flower i made in myself.

 The carpet I made it very last mins. It doesn't looks good without a carpet.

Added a wooden-look + transparent door.

 The doors has been custom by me which it can be slide.

 The sliding doors will be connected to the next room.

 View from next room.

This is the complete room. Simple and elegance look for me.

A light added. I hope it wont be too bright =P


The next step is to add a dressing room next to bathroom.
 The major I focus was the mirror. I prefer something look elegance. And this is what I want.

 I added my favourite Re-Ment drawer with light to light up the room =)

 3 tiers of shelf to put some decor and shoes =D

 A carpet from Re-Ment to makes the room more colorful and lively.

There's a place to hang the clothes too.

Of course there is another sliding door to connect to the next room which should be the living room =)

And here is the final result =D
 The final room will be my dream living room. Black and white is always my favourite. And it look more elegance too ^^,

 I specially choose the black and white wallpaper to make it modern look.

A vintage clock to make the room feel more modern style.

I knew this coffee table is not suitable. I wish to have an oval glass table. Will try to custom it soon. 

 This sofa i made it myself.

The sofa material is made from cardboard and felt.

 Entire view of living room with light on.

Entire view of living room with light turn off.

-The End-


  1. This is so inspiring. I've been wanting to make a dollhouse for my pullips but can't afford the expensive kits. I may try something like this though because yours is fantastic!

  2. So how did you make the sliding doors and where did you buy your lights and furniture? please email me joannaphalen@yahoo.com I love this and would love to make my daughter one!

  3. Just found your Blog...LOVE IT!!! Very Inspiring!!
    I know it's been a while, but how did you do the sliding doors? Would Love to do that for our mini-house! Thanks

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