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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Fix Pullip's Eyes Cannot Close

Some of you might be facing some Pullip defects right? One of the major defect you might be encounter will be the eyes problem. A lot of cases that Pullip eyes cannot really wink or wink half. This is one of the problem I'm facing now. One of her eyes can close but another one seemed to be close half only. How to fix this problem?? I've found out one solution to fix her.

1. Open up her head. Check the Springs whether they got taken out or not. If yes, attach them back in the position as shown in pictures.

2. Check position 'A' and 'B'. They must be in correct position. Sometimes 'A' and 'B' might have take off. If yes, put them back correctly. In mine situation, the 'B' position have gap at the middle. So I've add a stick to extend the edge of the 'B' section so that there wont be any gap and the 'B' section wont easily fall off when i screw back the eye mech.

3. After done everything, slowly put back the eye mech and screw back.

Before i put back everything, I've add another 2 layers of the eyelashes. Adding up eyelashes can makes the eyes looks more natural when close.

And this is the final result:


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