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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to change Pullip original eyes to acrylic eyes

Changing Pullip original eyes to Acrylic eyes will makes her looks more lively. Here is my Pullip Xiao Fan with her original eyes.

Material that you need:
- Screwdriver
- Mini Saw
- Tacky Glue/ Plastisin/ Super Glue/ Double Tape

1. Take off 3 screws behind the head and open. Unscrew another 3 screws at the eye mech and remove the spring.

2. Eye mech has been successfully take off. Remove the 4 springs behind the eye's holder

3. Remove the screw at the bottom of the eyes and another screw behind the eyes for smoother job.

4. Pull the eyes to one side so that you can start your sawing project easily.

5. Saw follow the red line. Line have to be straight. So saw carefully.

5. Place a dry clothes under the eye mech to protect the eye mech from being scratch and start sawing.

6. Once a while check if the line is straight or not. Make sure it wont run out of position.

7. This will be how it look after you saw.

8. Blow off the dust and clean it with water and wipe with dry cloth. 

9. For Pullip or Taeyang, please use 22mm half round acrylic eyes.

10. Now will be the sanding part. You need to sand off about 2-3mm at the bottom. You can use the original eyes for comparison so that you wont sand too much.

11. Start to sand your eyes. It will took about 20-30mins for both eyes depending on how rough is your sand paper.

12. Here is the comparison before and after sand.

13. Now both eyes is complete and make sure the size the height is same as the original eyes.

14. Now it's time to attach the eyes to the eye mech. You can try using the tacky/plastisin first. Make a "T" shape of plastisin as shown in picture.

15. Another option is you can use the double side tape. Or if you've try both way and you confirm the result is satisfy, you can go ahead with using super glue or stronger glue.

16. Position the eyes exactly at the center of the "T" shape.

17. After complete everything, screw back the head and here is the result:

And now my Xiao Fan have another new look ^^,
Good Luck!!


  1. very nice tutorial...i will try it out..btw..wad kind of sand paper you using?where can get?

  2. Thank you =) You can get the sand paper at any hardware shop with low grip number. Preferable below 300. 200 should be good. The sand paper surface have to be rough (which you can really touch the rough) so that its easy to sand =)

  3. ✿゜・。・゜・ Melody ・。゜・゜・✿April 9, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    Awesome tutorial! I will surely use this when I change my Pullip's eyes. I also read you can use 24mm eyes on Pullips as well, though the pupil is larger

  4. Thanks for making this awesome tutorial! It was really easy to follow and now my pullip Xiao Fan has new, beautiful green acrylic eyes! : D

  5. did you use eyes from mimiwoo? i want to get my eyes from her but i was warned on another site that 22mm eyes give pullips kind of a blank/creepy stare look. my pullip is chelsea if that changes anything but i want her to have a sort of childish look not a creepy one xD

  6. Thank you, it was very usefull. :D
    -My pullip, would looks like a ghost, with them, and a white wig. XD

  7. Can her eyes move aside and blink? I'm afraid :(

  8. Wiiii, thanks, it's gonna get helpful!

  9. Hi! Did you use the BJD acrylic eyes? I was wondering how you would switch it with pullip eyechips... Thanks!