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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Pre-Order List

1) Going Merry Plastic Model Kit (Adopted)
 I already have a Thousand Sunny with me but i don't have any Going Merry. Always dream to get it. The last time i saw it on ebay was almost USD 5xx. Couldn't get it because it was quite expensive for me that time. This model kit need to be assemble. Seemed like quite interesting hehe.

2) One Piece POP Sanji Strong World (Adopted on 24th Jan 2011)

3) One Piece POP New Dx - Luffy  (Adopted 28th Jan 2011)

4) One Piece Neo Dx - Ace D. Portugas  (Adopted 28th Jan 2011)

5) One Piece POP Perona Neo DX (cancelled because seller cannot give me stock! Grrr!!)
6) One Piece Den Den Mushi Measure - Bon Clay (Adopted 5/6/11)


7) One Piece Den Den Mushi Measure-Nico Robin(Adopted 5/6/11)

8) One Piece POP Neo Dx - Edward Newgate (Adopted 26/1/11)

9) One Piece POP Neo Dx - Bartholomew Kuma (Adopted 30th June 2011)
10) One Piece POP Boa Hancock Wedding Version (Adopted 12th Sept 2011)

1 comment:

  1. from the whiteboard company aside from luffy, ace is my favorite character. one piece ace has commonly known as the "fire fist" as it was his power. He was a truly a leader in leading the first on every enemy they encounter. Which impress me and decide him to purchase at PIJ.The most memorable thing he done is when he sacrifice his life for his brother luffy.