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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My First Blythe Doll - Can Can Cat

I get my first Blythe at year 2008. Supposed to get for my mama but at the end she ask me to keep it  =P. Blythe looked scary at my first sight but after i debox her, I've really fallen into her! =D

                                                                 Not that scary huh???

1 year after i keep her in her original box, I start to learn to custom. And she, which i given name as Revue, will be my first patient. I have no experience in custom doll at all. All the customization i only learn from youtube and internet.

But luckily at the end she turns out in quite not bad. I've turn her into a bride =) I'll try to find some pics of her and post up soon.Revue has been sold to Brasil at the same year.


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