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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Custom Clone Blythe

Early morning after breakfast I started to try to carve my clone blythe which I've abandoned for quite long which I have enlarge her eyes socket earlier =S
Starting with sand matte her whole face. This took me for about 15-20mins. After all is cleared, I tried to attempt to draw my first doll eyebrow. Hmm seemed like its very easy as peanut =D
Then i started to carved her lips and philtrum. This process took me more than an hour to done. Carve and sand and carve and sand! And then I decided to add a mini dimple on her. But it seemed like not i want =.=" I'm still decided if i should carve her an extra eyelids or not.
Finally i end up with sand matte again. Well, this is how her look at the moment =)

And here it comes..1st stage of coloring. I want to make her look more natural like a little gal. And so i applied all natural colors with combination of peach, nude, pink and orange. And also i carved her an eyelids. I guess she'll look better after 2nd stage of coloring.

3rd stage of make up:

Testing before final:

Done (Ended with glossy lips)

Complete doll:
 (I'm lazy to change the outfit. So this is the temporary one =S with my dal wig haha)

Job done:

* Sand matte, enlarge eye holes, carved lips, eyelids and philtrum
* Modified mouth, add dimples
* New pastel make up, add eyebrow and lips gloss finished
* Sealed with Tamiya clear flat


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