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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Removing stain from dolls body

I'm so sad! After 2nd day debox my Vicky, her legs all got stains! And her stains came from the black legging she wear T_T

 Perhaps the legging too tight and it was black color, when I try to remove it, the black color stick on her and I can't remove that with toothpaste or soap T_T
 Both side also got black stains. It looks like she has been beaten up badly =(
To cure the stains, I've put her some zit or acne cream and put her near the day light. Preferable if using Oxy10 but too bad I don't have that. So I'm using another brand of zit cream. Hope the stain can be removed as soon as possible.

Day 2

Seemed like Mollie's leg has heal a alot. The stains color has faded.
 The stain here is quite dark in color. I should add more zit cream on this area.
 Her left leg was almost cure. But I will put cream on it too until the stain is fully gone.
 Here I apply the zit cream and put her near my window so that she could absorb more sunlight.

Day 3

Mollie's leg is better and better at 3rd day. Looks like the stains has lighten alot.

 I'll apply the zit cream for final round today and hope she can fully recover tomorrow >.<

Day 4

She has completely cure! Amazing huh!

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  1. Do you know what type of plastic this technique works on? Happy for you: got great result*!!*