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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to fix Obitsu Floppy Body?

A lot of people will face same issue after changing their dolls to Obitsu body. And here is a simple tutorial how to fix it temporary.

My Boa have a serious floppy on her bottom torso which at her waist area. She can't really sit straight. Orelse her body will be slip off. She is using the Obitsu hard body now.

Pull apart the waist part.

Last time I put tissue inside but it wont last long and still floppy. So I took off all the tissue.

Use the foam (preferable nude or light color) and cut it into small pieces. About 2cm x 1.5cm

 By using a screwdriver, make a hole in the middle.

Insert and push the foam into the torso.

Use a small screwdriver and push the foam deeper to make it compact.

Cut a slimmer piece of foam to be insert at the inner side.

Put like this.

Continue putting in the foam. I've put 4 foam in this project. Don't forget to push it in using a screwdriver.

Now its look compact. Almost done =D

There'll be some of the foam can be seen at the back of the waist joint. Just use a screwdriver and push it in.

And here, she has done =D

If you feel the body is still floppy, repeat same steps and add more foams. If the chest torso is loose, try to use the same way as you did on the bottom torso. The tutorial can be fix on a Soft Body too.

***GOOD LUCK!!!***