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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leeke World Wigs again!!!

Recently there's a sale for Leeke Wigs! Of course I won't miss that chance to grab few =P I can tell that their service is super fast. I cant imagine it arrived me in 3 days since its a holiday season! Yeahoo~

Opps! I've got free Leeke Mask!! =D

Always nice in packaging! I've bought 3 wigs + 1 pair of extra clip on wigs this time ^^

Finally my Pullip EOS have her wig! This is the final wig I choosed for her since her stock wig has given to my Dal =S

I believe she looks lovely with this wig. I love the highlight soooo much! =D

This is the dress and socks I've handmade. It supposed to be the outfit for my coming Blythe project but unfortunately too tight. She cannot wear it but fit made for Pullip. So I might keep it for my coming custom Pullip then =)

This is the 1st evening dress I made. I hope it aren't too bad looking. 

Back view of the wig. 2 colors =)

The 2nd wig I tried it on my Dal because the rest Pullip don't really match this color. But the wig is a bit loose for this Dal. As for this color, I guess is quite hard to match huh >.<

The final wigs design I love the most. Still remember Sailormoon? But this wig was in blue color. Maybe I should grab yellow or gold color next time? =P

FanFan not really look photogenic in this pics. She looks better in green wigs.

Her fringe is a bit too long. I should trim it abit.

This wigs will be reserved for my future Pullips too. Hope to get a blue eyes color Pullip =)

Thanks for viewing =D


  1. very good !!!!
    is fantastic the wigs !!!!
    love blue wigs !!!!

  2. Wonderful, I am looking for a bright yellow faux fur wig for my 10inch Dal. Where should I get them?