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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Custom Blythe #16 - Leia

Preview of LeiaHere come my custom no 16. She is a dark skin girl. I was worried that i can't get her the right make over. But i was wrong. Painting a dark skin blythe eemed to be much more easier than the fair skin.

As usual i bought a new doll for custom.

Okay. Here goes the shooting....

For this doll, her eyes can look down.

Custom work done:

- Completely new make up and sealed with MSC few layers.
- Boggled eyes and gaze correction.
- Custom eyeball look downward.
- New eyelashes and new pull charms.
- Custom sleeping eyes.
- 4 new hand painted eye chips by me.
- Carved lips, nostril and philtrum.
- Painted eyebrow and freckles.

I name her Leia because she does look like Leia. I'm not sure. What do ya think? :)