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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Wishing List 2010

My upcoming wishing list. Really wish to get them. And I'll see how long i took to achieve my goal :P

1) Pullip Fanatica - Year 2005 (Cancelled)

The reason why i want her is because of her overall. From top to bottom - outfit, make up, gothic look and she is smiling! She is not a limited edition doll but due to she is famous and stop production, her price is quite high now. All above MYR 1k!!

2) Pullip Xiao Fan - Year 2008  (Wish Granted!!)

Since I put back my EOS into her original box, I don't have any new Pullip to play and for display. So far, Xiao Fan has the best make up i seen after Fanatica and Shinku and most budget to play with.
My personally not really like her outfit. But her make up and hair is great!

3) Blythe Le Jardin (Wish Granted!!)

1) Blythe Midnight Spell


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