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Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Custom Blythe #17 - Khaleesi

Finally done the shooting for my 17th custom Blythe. It took me slightly longer time for this project as i need to figure out the best costume for her and also the entire theme.

And here goes the w.i.p photo and also the final shooting photos.

 I'm using the new RBL factory Blythe as base doll

 There should be some full length photo before i custom. But i think i accidentally formatted my SD card before i went for my holidays :(

Hand painted eyes by myself.

I added a magnetic unicorn for her.

For this doll i changed her body to the jointed type fair skin. It's similar to the Azone body. Her body is too fair and hence i paint it some flesh tone.

I gave her a very light pink manicure and pedicure too.

She has a large bust with nipples. Majority 1/6 clothes will fit on this body.

 Hand made shoes for her by myself.

Hand made dress and accessories also by myself. And also the custom stand by me also.

And here is the official photo shoot of her. Enjoy~

Custom work done on her: 

- Base doll: New RBL factory.
- Completely full make up, added freckles and sealed with MSC several layers.
-  Carved lips, nose and philtrum.
- Gaze correction, boggled eyes and sleeping eyes with 2 new pull charms.
- New eyelashes (black + purple)
- Custom made magnetic unicorn painted gold (detachable).
- 4 pairs of hand painted eye chips by me.
- New jointed fair skin body with custom paint flesh tones on her with 2 pairs of hands.
- Hand made dress, accessories and shoes. 
- Special bow and arrow.
- Custom made wood stand with artificial grass on it.

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