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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tutorial: Saran Hair Reroot

Material you need:
1. Saran hair: 3 x Large Format from KatSilk. You can get it online here
2. Plier
3. Doll reroot needle
4. A bowl of water
5. Scissors
6. Tweezer
7. Nail polish remover (any brand)
8. Cotton pad
9. Masking or cellophane tape
10. Acrylic paint similiar to the hair

By using scissors, cut off the hair as short as possible.

Use your tweezer, remove all the remaining hairs.

Remember to flap over and remove the inner hair too.

Using soap and water, clean off the tiny hairs.

By using the nail remover, remove the paint. with cotton pad. It should be easily wipe away.

Wash again the hair dome with clean water and soap. You won't want to smell the polish remover.

Using the cellophane or masking tape, tape as below. (this is optional if you want your doll's forehead to look as skin colour)

Choose your acrylic colour.

I'm not recommend to use this glossy type. It's very sticky after i paint it on :(

Katsilk Saran hair large format (length until feet) I bought it 3 pack and it's enough for Blythe doll.

Cut the strand into half.

Prepare the hair into plugs. Each plug can be up to 13-18 depending the thickness you want .

Each pluck of hair you need to dip it into water. (Hair must be wet)
For rerooting, please follow step by step as the pictures below.


You can choose middle parting or side parting.

After complete the parting, do the hair crossing as below.


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