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Friday, January 25, 2013

Custom Blythe #8 - Bella

It has been a while i stop custom since my previous project Beatrix. And here, this is the first time i attempt for my ghost series doll. I start it with the Vampire version.

To carve a vampire lips is not that easy as what i expected. But however, it turned up with the result i'm quite satisfied :)

And this is the custom eye chips for her.

I added glittery powder for her eye lids.

 This is how the teeth looks like. I added glossy for the lips.

Hand painted eye chips

Coolcat eye chip - purple.

Hand painted eye chips.

The story of Bella


  1. I am so glad you decided to customize blythe again, you always do a wonderful job.
    I hope you can follow my blog sometime at
    I am just getting into the roll of things and have many custom ideas. I hope I am as good as you one day.

  2. AMAZING job! Everything looks so detail even the coffin!! <3