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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Custom Pullip Aya

Aya original look was like this. Myself love the outfit but not really love her make up because its look quite mature for a teenager. So i decided to change her make up and wig.

1st make up I turn her into gothic look with smoky eyes. She seemed to be okay but not perfect for me. Her eyeliner was too rough and thick. So I decided to redo her make up again.

I actually wanted to repaint the smoky eyes but I cant do the same because the bottom eyelashes color I'm using this time was dark brown + white. If the whole eyes is completely smoky, it's really looks weird. So I decided to gave her a sweet make up but darker color only at the eyelids.

And here is her final =)

Custom done on Aya:
* New make up and sealed with MSC
* New double natural eyelashes
* Eyelids added flowers
* Carved lips and modified mouth to be smaller
* New silver love shape earrings
* Change wig by Leeke World
Aya & Xiao Fan

Aya, Dal Ciel & Xiao Fan

 Thanks to all my friend's support and comments. Your compliments and comments will leads me to perform better. Will try harder to custom and practice more ^^,


  1. There all so cute!!! <3 I'm trying to rewig my Adsiltia with a wig from Leekeworld, but I guess something went wrong in the process?

  2. Pullip Adsiltia stock wig is super curly and quite hard to manage. It's adviseable to change the wig too ^^. Btw, I don't have any problem in the process of rewig her. Leekeworld wig design is very nice but for curly type, it's now easy to mange too =)

  3. Your Aya has changed from grade A to A+ to A+++..good job! :D i think u have done a great improvement on the lips and the eyeliner ^^

  4. Thanks Trixie for the comment. If got time, I still need to touch up the lips and the eyelids. =)